Master Meter Automation

Master Meter Automation Solutions

Featuring our 3G Technology for Drive by and Fixed Network Solutions. Our Interpreter register that retrofits to Badger, Sensus and Neptune Meters for ease in retrofitting to our AMR – AMI Solutions. For more information click here.

Master Meter Interpreter Register

The highest quality – High resolution register on the market. For more information click here.

Mobile Terminal

Looking for the latest in hand held computer technology for industrial and commercial use? Our 3G® Mobile system utilizes the leading, ruggedized handhelds designed to take the day-to-day bumps and bruises like a real utility worker. For more information click here.

3G Mobile AMR Solution

The 3G Mobile AMR solution provides most every benefit associated with fixed network – without the infrastructure – in a convenient cost-effective package. We understand the importance of vital functionality like personal consumption profiling, meter right sizing, macro and micro leak management, system-wide synchronized meter reads for precise water accountability, water balancing capabilities, and a broad suite of revenue impact alerts on guard for leaks, tamper, theft and consumption anomolies. Our drive-by solution gives you all of this as it keeps pace with the best of AMI technology. For more information click here.

Master Linx Fixed Network

Master Meter’s FixedLinx frees utilities from operational inefficiencies and empowers them with the time and information to do more — to better service customers, better manage revenue and responsibly manage precious resources. The realities of fixed network freedom for your utility are closer than you may think. We’ve simplified the migration path and engineered a system that utilities of any size, and current technology level, can easily adapt — at their own pace. For more information  click here.

Dialog 3G

Dialog 3G Cellular unit provides remote data collection and advanced meter functionality for isolated locations. A single unit can monitor a variety of reading devices — meters, flow meters, valves, level sensors and other equipment. Its ruggedized enclosure is built to survive nature’s most challenging conditions.

Confident Decision Making Through Actionable Intelligence

Master Meter satisfies your thirst for information with our new MasterLinx™ customized software. Our easy-to-use, yet powerful system turns raw data into actionable intelligence for informed, confident decisions. Our approach is a reflection of the way we work closely with clients to develop customized technology products and revenue solutions for measuring, collecting, and managing water. Highly flexible and innovative, Master Meter is empowering managers to manage data better.

Master Linx Enterprise

MasterLinx Panels is a dashboard display that provides a quick litmus test of the health of the entire water system. Utility management can efficiently ascertain which areas require attention and where to prioritize resources for the day. Utilities may easily share data with homeowners and empower them to make informed decisions about their own consumption while promoting better conservation. Leak notifications are easily communicated through e-mail or SMS text messaging so that prompt action can be taken. MasterLinx’s optional billing software module can provide a true end-to-end data management and revenue solution. MasterLinx is proven to integrate seamlessly with whichever billing software a utility may choose. For more information click here.

Master Linx Mobile

Real Time Data Immediacy – The MasterLinx Vehicle Reading System is a portable AMR system that’s self contained in a small lightweight portable case and is used to capture meter RF transmissions for reporting and input into a billing system. The captured information is presented and made available for the utility operator in real time while in the field. – Real Time Leak Notification and Route Mapping – Masterlinx Mobile software provides GIS mapping data for your area and supports a GPS receiver controlling the map display. Live color coded markers appear on the screen and indicate read meters, unread meters, any reading problems or alarms such as Leak, Tamper, Theft and Irregular Usage. For more information click here.

Touch Pad Solutions

The AMCO Encoded register and either Pit or Wall Mounted Touch pad, make a great solution for utilities looking for a more efficient, in expensive way to read meters accurately. MSPS call also supply reading solutions for Touch pads.


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