3G “Under the Glass” – “Connection Free” AMR Register

Master Meter’s proven 3G ConnectionFree™ smart design helps speed deployment, lower total system cost and dramatically cut maintenance costs — the number one cause of utility headaches and escalated ownership costs.3G AMR Register

Our completely integrated AMR solution incorporates leading-edge technology at every critical point along the meter to cash journey — from the meter and register, to the mobile AMR and fixed network AMI data collection points, to the utility management software.

  • Full FCC Regulatory Compliance – Certified to operate in the United States under FCC Part 15.
  • Dialog® 3G operates in the unlicensed ISM Band 902-928 Mhz.
  • Connection free – No wires, no programming
  • Leak detection. Meter Right-sizing with 4,000 Read Data Logging (by the minute).
  • Theft and Tamper Alerts and Notifications.

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