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Mountain States Pipe and Supply services the State of Colorado for Underground Waterworks Pipe and Supplies.

Our AMR-AMI business will take us to Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska.

Meter installation Project Phone Numbers

Poudre Valley Installation Project Call Center
(800) 777-7173

Call Center Hours of Operation (MST):

7am – 8pm Monday – Friday
8am – 4pm Saturday

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Contact us by email:

Waterworks Division: water@msps.com
Natural Gas Division: gas@msps.com
AMI/AMR Division: amrmeters@msps.com
Itron – Aclara Support: amrmeters@msps.com
Billing/Accounting: accounts@msps.com
Human Resources: hr@msps.com

Please use our Human Resources email to submit resumes

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