Aclara Meter Transmission Units (MTUs)

With Aclara, utility companies don’t have to choose one solution over another. Use Aclara’s one-way communication Meter Transmission Units (MTUs) to handle twice-a-day readings from residential customers. Then choose two-way communication MTUs to capture hourly meter reads and take advantage of advanced distribution control and system time-synchronization for large commercial customers. Aclara’s STAR Network MTUs can easily be configured to work together and create a custom solution. Aclara has the solutions. You choose the one you need.

The STAR RF Network

The STAR Network system is an advanced, highly robust meter reading solution that delivers comprehensive usage information through a secure, long-range wireless network using licensed radio frequencies. The STAR Network system provides the timely, high-resolution meter reading that enables gas, water, and electric utilities to eliminate on-site visits and estimated reads, reduce theft and loss, implement time-of-use billing, and profit from all of the financial and operational benefits of fixed-network AMI/AMR.


The STAR Network provides the largest number of direct-mount gas MTUs in the industry, ensuring accurate meter reads, and supporting gas-conservation efforts.

Water MTU

Water utilities need to know the “who, when, where, and how much” of water usage in order to properly bill customers and conserve resources. Beyond that, factors such as location, temperature, topology, population, and access to water all affect how you plan and develop the water system. Aclara’s flexible and scalable STAR® Network AMI system provides options for collecting and managing usage data for many situations.

A choice for large and small utilities, Aclara offers one- and two-way communication solutions that allow you to get the most from your water data. The Aclara STAR Network 3300 meter transmission units (MTUs) deliver two-way communication and a time-synchronized network; providing utilities with a snapshot of system water consumption at a single point in time.

Using two-way communication, the MTU provides hourly, time-stamped reads for comprehensive data on water usage, and the ability to implement advanced functions such as system reconciliation and leak detection. These functions rely on the two-way communication benefit of time-synchronization, which ensures that all system clocks are set to the same time.

With this, a utility can take a complete system read to reconcile the amount of water entering the system with the outgoing billable water that is consumed by customers. The time-synchronized read helps to accurately determine the amount of water loss and begin the process of localizing the leaks.

Water MTU

Water 3300 Series

Submetering MTU Applications

The STAR Submetering Network Encoder and Pulse MTU make meter reading more efficient and allows for reduced costs, improved billing, and managed resources. The MTU transmits accurate meter readings on defined schedules. Its powerful, narrow-band transmitter broadcasts over FCC-licensed, 450- to 470-MHz radio frequencies. The device works with encoder-register water meters that provide electronic output.

MTU Pulse MTU Encoder


The STAR Network electric MTU provides the detailed usage profile needed to support modern customer services, advanced billing plans, and electric supplier choice programs. The two-way electric MTU broadcasts over secure, licensed 450- to 470-MHz radio frequencies, with a range of at least a mile.

A backup battery ensures continual operation and receipt of critical data during outages. It transmits up to 288 meter readings per day, maintains clock accuracy, and performs on-demand reads, providing consistent and long-term performance.


The STAR Network DCU II enhances your AMI network by providing reliable and flexible two-way communication for electric, water, and gas meters. Our proven, wide-area network (WAN) backhaul options support data-intense applications such as real-time pricing, demand response, remote leak detection, and always-on connections to the utility.

The DCU II transmits and receives data over individual 450- to 470-MHz radio frequencies.

Powered by a battery that can be recharged by a solar panel or AC power supply, the DCU time stamps, processes, and stores diagnostic information and data collected from meter transmission units (MTUs). The DCU transmits the data for further processing to a network control computer and sends commands and alerts back to the MTUs.

DCU II For Submetering Indoor Applications

The STAR Network DCU II provides fully automatic meter reading without meter readers, handhelds or expensive wiring. Powerful, narrow band meter transmitters allow the use of a single data collector without repeaters to economically read large submetering installations in developments, high-rises and other multi-tenant communities.


The STAR Network NCC allows utilities to better manage information about customer accounts, meter transmitters, and data collectors. It also makes it easy to transfer gas, water, and electric meter data to billing, customer service, accounting, and other utility applications.

NCC database stores meter readings from the system data collectors. The data is displayed through a series of five tabs, creating a simple road map through the software and providing a variety of search and reporting options.

ZoneScan Leak Detection

The STAR ZoneScan solution combines the fixed STAR Network system with leak-detection technology from Gutermann International. The system checks and analyzes noise characteristics on water lines at regularly scheduled intervals.

Submetering Reading Services

MSPS and USM&T have partnered with a couple of Reading Services that will provide (1) Collection of Data (2) Data Viewing and (3) Billing. Call for more information

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