Master Meter’s Water Allegro™ AMI system is a robust RF communication network that interfaces between a water utility and their residential and business customers.  The tower based system operates in the licensed 450MHz – 470MHz frequency spectrum offering superior reliability and extensive geographic reach.

The plug‐and‐play nature of the system means that installation is easy and intuitive as the Endpoints and repeaters will automatically match the base station’s pre‐programmed frequency pairs and with the backhaul connected via cellular network, interval data will be transmitted along a reliable and stable path.

The 2‐way system offers a rich set of security features and is end‐to‐end upgradable.  Also, the proprietary RF protocol incorporates a time‐synced system to alleviate network RF collision while providing time‐stamped data.  The result is the most effective and dependable water-focused AMI network available.

Benefits & Features

  • Bidirectional two‐way communications
  • Time‐Synchronized readings
  • Multiple backhaul options
  • Over‐the‐air programming  / remote firmware updates
  • Extensive geographic reach
  • End‐to‐End security
  • 15 minute usage/consumption data
  • Highest system reliability
  • Low RF interference
  • Data and events are time stamped
  • FCC Compliance
  • Highest Tx/Rx link budget
  • AMR to AMI Migratable
  • Extended lifetime
  • Data Storage for redundant transmissions
  • UPS Battery Backup
  • NEMA weatherproof enclosure options

The Allegro system not only provides end‐to‐end visibility for the water utility, but it also provides multiple dimensions of systems integration to responsibly manage assets and infrastructure from a single interface.  Allegro offers:

  • Remote system monitoring
  • Priority alarm support
  • Self diagnostics
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • IP‐addressable infrastructure

Customer perception is increasingly a topic of concern for water utilities.  The combination of todays most advanced AMI system and a powerful MDMA software suite results in:

  • On demand reads
  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Interactive customer budgeting
  • The ability to forecast consumption
  • Immediate tamper and theft detection
  • Leak Alerts
  • Informed rate‐based programs
  • Customer incentive programs


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