Meter Automation Options for Water, Gas and Electric Utilities

Drive By and Fixed Networks – “Under the Glass” AMR Solutions – No remote wires

Master Meter Automation Solutions featuring our 3G Technology for Drive by and Fixed Network Solutions. Our Interpreter register that retrofits to Badger, Sensus and Neptune Meters for ease in retrofitting to our AMR – AMI Solutions.

Drive By Solutions

40 Days of Datalogging while driving the route for Water, Gas and Electric Itron, with its newest solution in “Choice Connect” gives the utility choices.

From our Drive by solution that allows the utility to collect 40 days worth of data logging from every meter equipped with a “100 Series” Water or Gas ERT on the fly at normal drive by speeds to migrating to the Choice Connect Fixed Network.

The 100 Series of ERT allows the utility to program the ERT in three different modes, depending upon the use. Drive by, Hard to Read and Fixed Network. No changeout of the ERT module. No Stranded Assets.

Drive By and Fixed Networks – Itron for Water, Gas and Electric

Utilities face a technology dilemma: leverage current technology to meet existing objectives, or commit to a costly solution that cannot easily and cost-effectively adapt to a changing industry.

ChoiceConnect™ is the right meter data collection solution to deliver cost-effective, proven results. It also provides flexible migration to a wide-range of capabilities depending on business requirements.

Fixed Networks – Aclara for Water, Gas and Electric

The strength of the Aclara’s scalable network is that a utility does not have to choose one solution over another. Choose one-way communication MTUs to handle twice-a-day readings from residential customers.

Then choose two-way communication MTUs for the larger commercial customers to capture hourly meter reads and take advantage of advanced distribution control and system time-synchronization.

The STAR Network MTUs can easily be configured to work together and create a custom solution. Aclara has the solutions. You choose the one you need.

Fixed Networks Elster AMCO for Water

With the fixed network evolution AMI system, utilities can now offer higher levels of efficiency, conservation and customer service. The system flexibility allows evolution to adapt to any indoor, outdoor, rural or urban scenario, and ensures the on-demand delivery of time-critical data to the utility by integrating cutting-edge functional advancements along with 2-way wireless communications.

As the water industry evolves, Elster AMCO Water continues to invest in cutting edge technology, embracing groundbreaking approaches and unsurpassed metering intelligence. Driven by utility demand, Elster AMCO Water offers advanced solutions now and innovation for the future in water metering.

Energy Monitoring

Utilize your smart phone to monitor your energy usage, remotely shut off and adjust appliances thru zipbee protocol.

The Extended Grid builds upon the capabilities of today’s Smart Grid initiatives, providing a platform where the end users of utility resources can be actively engaged with the utility producers to maximize the ROI for a Smart Grid investment.

Remote Visual Read Options

Inexpensive and reliable, the ScanCounter T210 is the cost effective solution to meter reading access problems. The ScanCounter T210 electronic outreader is designed specifically for accurate counting of water meter pulse outputs. It incorporates an easy to read display.

Remote Visual Read Options

Digi Read Remote (DR3) for Digital or Encoded Registers. Digi Read Remote Programmer.

Touch Pad Solutions

The AMCO Encoded register and either Pit or Wall Mounted Touch pad, make a great solution for utilities looking for a more effiecient, in expensive way to read meters accurately. MSPS call also supply reading solutions for Touch pads.

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