Accomplish More with a Smaller Staff and Tighter Budget

Municipalities and utility companies all over the country have been under tremendous pressure to trim their budgets since the economic crisis began in 2008. That means they’re working with smaller staffs and less money for major maintenance and upkeep of important water and natural gas infrastructure and meters.

Delayed maintenance can be costly in the end, and putting off necessary meter and infrastructure investments are often more expensive in the long run. So, cities and utilities have to be innovative and look for new ways to tackle issues with aging infrastructure.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply can help. We have been providing top-quality waterworks and natural gas products from the world’s best brands at competitive prices since 1955, and have spent the last 20 years establishing the company as a leader in meter automation products, software and services.More with Less- Municipal Budgets

Maintaining infrastructure prevents leakage and waste, which saves revenue. Meter automation takes the same principle and goes even farther. Replacing old meters with new automated technology allows utilities and cities to locate when and where there is a leak in near real-time; empowering staff to stop revenue loss quickly.

Beyond resource rescue, meter automation also eliminates significant overhead by bringing fieldwork inside. Labor costs go down when people don’t have to physically read meters at home and businesses, driving around the city. Near real-time monitoring solutions allow cities and utilities to make adjustments and implement programs that can save resources and money.

Contact MSPS about our comprehensive solutions to challenging waterworks and natural gas distribution and meter issues. Our knowledgeable staff can explain infrastructure and meter options, track down and supply product or provide competitive bids for your infrastructure and meter projects.

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