Natural Gas Filters


Klean Line Filters

Klean Line FiltersAll natural gas pipelines have some degree of contamination present. Contaminants in the form of dust, dirt, rust, pipe scale, welding slag and valve grease are a potential source of problems for regulators, meters and orifices. The Elster American Meter KleanLine filter is designed to remove these particles without substantial pressure loss and is available in screwed and flanged connections.

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CFR Gas Filters

CFR Gas FiltersElster American Meter CFR gas filters, including flanged, screwed and pilot filters effectively remove dirt, pipe scale and other matter from gas line in commercial and industrial applications. Filter elements are made of rein impregnated cellulose fiber so that moisture will not impair their effectiveness.


Gasket Strainers

Gasket StrainersGasket Strainers are an effective way to protect downstream metering and regulation equipment from weld slag and other debris in the gas stream.

Technical Brief


Filter Fab

Filter FabFilterFab F-Series Dry Natural Gas Filters FilterFab natural gas filters remove dirt, rust, pipe scale, iron oxide dust, and all other particulates from your natural gas lines before they can destroy turbine meters, grind away the tight tolerances of rotary meters, jam regulators, and wear valve seats.

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