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SR100 Series Service RegulatorSR100 Series Service Regulator

The compact, high capacity SR113 service regulator is designed for residential or light commercial/industrial applications using various hydrocarbon or other non-corrosive gases.3/4″ NPT 1″ NPT

Technical Brief

1813C Residential Regulator1813C Residential Regulator

The 1800C Series pressure regulators are designed to control natural gas, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, propane vapor, and other non-corrosive gases in residential, light commercial, and small industrial applications. Basic regulator with full-capacity internal relief with 3/4″ or 1″ NPT vent.3/4″ NPT 1″ NPT 1-1/4″ NPT

Technical Brief

1800 CPB2 Light Commercial – Industrial Regulator

The 1800CPB2 Series pressure regulators are designed for natural gas applications. This series is ideal for light commercial and industrial use.The 1800CPB2 regulator is designed for pressure reducing service requiring stability and metering accuracy. They are used on gas distribution systems as intermediate or low-pressure regulators. They are also effective for large farm and commercial operations with widely varying inlet pressures up to 125 PSIG with accurate control of outlet pressures between 1 PSIG and 30 PSIG. 1800CPB2 regulators are excellent for use with American Meter large capacity meters as well as with American Meter domestic meters. Model 1800 CPB2 Light Commercial – Industrial Regulator1883CPB2 is equipped with overpressure shut-off (OPSO) that provides protection against downstream overpressure (see page 7). The 1800CPB2 regulator will accurately control the metering pressure to a constant value, thus the pressure correction factor becomes a constant factor for a given metering pressure. The pressure-corrected volume equals meter volume multiplied by the pressure factor constant

Technical Brief

1800 – 2000 Industrial Regulator

1800 – 2000 Industrial Regulator1800 Series low-pressure models have a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and offer outlet pressures ranging from 3.5″ w.c. to 5 psi. 2000 Series high pressure models allow a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and outlet pressures ranging from .5 psi to 15 psi. The 1800 Series can be ordered as Full Relief, Partial Relief or No Relief Regulator. 2000 Series Regulators are non-relieving. Both models are available with Overpressure Shutoff, Underpressure Shutoff and monitor capabilities.1-1/2″ – 2″

Technical Brief

3000 Commercial – Industrial Regulator

1800 – 2000 Industrial RegulatorMaximum Inlet pressure: 30 psig Maximum Outlet Pressure: 2 psigSeries 3000 Regulators are engineered throughout for high sensitivity and accuracy. These precision regulators feature a patented balanced valve design which overcomes the problems inherent in conventional valves. It is ideally suited for batch ovens, furnaces, boilers and other applications. It has unexcelled lock-up and positive and negative shock characteristics and is designed for multi poise operation. 1-1/2″ – 4″

Technical Brief

Axial Flow

Axial FlowInlet Pressures to 1480 psig Outlet Pressures 6″ WC to 900 psigThe Axial flow valve can be used for pressure regulation, over pressure relief, flow control or act as an on/off valve. This unique design provides a valve that is extremely compact and lightweight. 2″ – 12″

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