Comply With EPA Regulations for Utilities; Oil and Natural Gas Drilling

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued new air quality regulations that are starting to go into effect throughout the country and will continue to increase through 2020. On top of new federal regulations, several states have implemented even more stringent air quality requirements.Natural Gas Fracking EPA Compliance

The new requirements target all types of industry, but some that are likely to be most impacted include utility companies using coal and other fossil fuel plants to generate electricity and natural gas drilling operations using hydraulic fracturing techniques to break gas free.

Meeting these new regulations by the deadlines should be achievable for most industries, but companies and utilities will likely have to make some adjustments and will want to implement their own monitoring systems to avoid any surprises from regulating agencies.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply provides complete air quality monitoring systems and services for utility companies and oil and natural gas drilling operations throughout the country.

If you represent a hydraulic fracturing operation or utility that faces steep penalties for air quality issues, MSPS can help you develop a comprehensive air quality monitoring program that provides near real-time data so you will be able to respond quickly to issues as they arise and before regulators get involved.

MSPS can also provide full monitoring and alert services.

Your business depends on being able to operate without fear of interference. MSPS has a long history of providing superior quality products and services to clients. We will partner with you to provide the best monitoring hardware and software from the world’s most recognized brands.

We stand behind the products we sell and now provide continuous monitoring and service contracts to customers located throughout the United States.

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