EvoQ4 - Commercial Water Metering TechnologyThe evoQ4 is a pioneering advance in commercial water metering technology, the evoQ4 delivers unparalleled performance and functionality that meets the typical demands of four commercial meters – compounds, turbines, single jets and mag meters, as well as large positive displacement meters.
Accurate, versatile and embedded with sophisticated measurement and advanced flow technology, the evoQ4 mag meter delivers high accuracy through a wide range of flows and varied conditions and applications for meter sizes from 1 ½” through 12″.
evoQ4 features and benefits:

  • Advanced measurement and flow technology
  • 0.5 second sampling rate
  • IP68 rated fully submersible
  • Lightweight, solid state design
  • No moving parts and 10 year battery life eliminate the need for maintenance
  • Compatible with industry leading AMR/AMI devices
  • Optional bi-directional pulse output – allows utilities to connect to crtical water management billing systems making it an ideal revenue meter and powerful distribution management tool





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