ERT Gas Meters & Modules

ERT Gas Meters & Modules


The 100G module is Itron’s most advanced gas ERT® module. It offers capabilities that enable utilities to streamline operational processes, reduce costs and enhance customer service levels with detailed consumption information. The module increases confidence in data privacy and system control with new levels of enhanced security. Members of the ChoiceConnect meter data collection systems, 100G modules are available for meters and correctors from all leading manufacturers. 

Features + Benefits

Capable of collecting time-synchronized daily or hourly metering data and of two-way communications, the Itron 100G ERT modules have an accuracy of 99.999% and serve as the data transceiver for Itron’s fully integrated portfolio of AMI/AMR solutions. The 100G ERT module’s granular data and on-demand read functionality not only provides the data necessary for immediate inquiry reconciliations with customers; it automatically stores 40 days of hourly data–a “black box” of hourly usage—which can be valuable in case of investigating a catastrophic event. The100G ERT modules encode consumption and tamper information from the meter to a radio-equipped device, work equally well whether indoors or outdoors, and are powered by replaceable “A” cell lithium batteries that provide a battery life of 20 years.

The 100G ERT module is currently available in the DLS series:

  • 100G DLS Datalogging ERT (100G DLS): The 100G DLS ERT is our fourth generation 100G module and offers all the benefits of its 100G predecessors while delivering a new data message based on serial numbers up to 10 digits and transmitting an extended data message. The 100G DLS also offers optional enhanced security with the addition of authentication of command and encryption of communications data with the addition of Itron Security Manager (ISM). Additionally, the 100G DLS offers an extended data field—low battery indicator and metrology and non-metrology programming counters—which can be read not only by fixed network, but for the first time by mobile and handheld readers. The 100G DLS also offers improved tilt tamper detection.

For more information, view the Gas endpoint meter compatibility list.

 When you deploy Itron endpoints for natural gas meters as part of an Itron AMR system, you can:

  • Increase operational efficiencies by reading more meters in less time
  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating time spent on hard-to-access meters
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating intrusive meter readings and maintaining more accurate and reliable meter data for billing and dispute resolution
  • Improve employee and customer safety
  • Improve the quality of your billing data by eliminating manual data entry errors, off-cycle reads and estimated readings
  • Identify energy theft and revenue loss due to meter tamper. Gas endpoints employ a mechanical, mercury-fee tilt tamper switch
  • Improve distribution system planning by utilizing real usage data


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