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Itron, with its newest solution in “Choice Connect” gives the utility choices. From our Drive by solution that allows the utility to collect 40 days worth of data logging from every meter equipped with a “100 Series” Water or Gas ERT on the fly at normal drive by speeds to migrating to the Choice Connect Fixed Network. The 100 Series of ERT allows the utility to program the ERT in three different modes, depending upon the use. Drive by, Hard to Read and Fixed Network. NO changeout of the ERT module. No Stranded Assets.

MVRS Route Management Software

MV-RS is an affordable PC-based meter reading software solution for data collection and route management for Itron handheld computers, mobile collection systems, optical and touch probes, and MicroNetwork.For more information on the MVRS Route Management Software click here.

Itron Choice Connect Network

The ChoiceConnect™ Fixed Network for electricity, water and gas providers combines fixed network architecture with Itron’s proven meter data management software to collect and manage frequent consumption and usage meter data, reliably and accurately.For more information on the Itron Choice Connect Network click here

Choice Connect CCU 100 CCU 100 Repeater
Choice Connect
Network Overview

FC300 Handheld

Part of the ChoiceConnect™ suite of products, the Field Collector 300 (FC300) provides electricity, gas and water utilities with an ultra-rugged and versatile handheld computer for manual and automated meter reading (AMR). With its powerful integrated SRead radio and fast mobile processor, utility personnel can utilize the FC300 to program, service and read endpoints efficiently in the field, with one handheld computer.For more information on the FC300 Handheld click here.


The ChoiceConnect Mobile Collector Lite is an easy-to-use, portable drive-by AMR solution that uses the Itron FC200 handheld with an external radio to gather consumption and tamper data from electricity, gas and water radio-based endpoints.For more information on the Mobile Collector Lite click here.

60W ERT Module & 100W ERT Module

The 60W and 60WP Series water endpoints provide a low cost AMR solution for utilities that are interested in consumption readings as well as reverse flow detection on encoded registersThe 100W is the new ChoiceConnect™ water endpoint and offers advanced capabilities such as full two-way communications to the meter and time synchronized interval meter data. With the 100W, water providers can enhance customer engagement, transform business operations and manage water resources. Water providers can read the 100W with the ChoiceConnect fixed network data collection system or via mobile allowing hybrid deployments or system migration for unparalleled reading flexibility with choices that best fit the business needs.The endpoint stores 40 days of hourly reads to ensure data integrity and offers advanced customer-side leak, reverse-flow and tamper alarms, all while maintaining Itron’s 20 year battery performance. The high power output of the 100W provides high read performance for both mobile and network data collection. Multiple mounting options offer greater deployment flexibility and help lower installation costs.For more information on the 60W and 100W Endpoints click here.

60W 100W

100G Gas ERT Module

Itron natural gas ERT® modules serve as the data sending device for Itron’s fully integrated portfolio of AMR/AMI solutions. Gas modules attach to the meter and encode consumption and tamper information from the meter to a radio-equipped data sending device. All Itron gas ERT modules work equally well indoors or outdoors and are powered by replaceable “A” cell lithium batteries that provide an average battery life of 20 years.For more information on the 100G Endpoints click here.

MLOG Leak Detection

An affordable and comprehensive water loss management solution, MLOG is a network of intelligent, leak detecting sensors that integrate seamlessly with the Itron Water SaveSource fixed network. Using patented acoustic sensor technology and sophisticated sound analysis software, MLOG is a permanent, maintenance-free leak detection solution that helps utilities proactively manage water loss across the entire water distribution system.For more information on the Mlog Leak Sensor Solution click here.

Water Loss Management    MLOG Water Leak Sensor

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