Itron ChoiceConnect Fixed Network

The Choice Connect™ Fixed Network for electricity, water and gas providers combines fixed network architecture with Itron’s proven meter data management software to collect and manage frequent consumption and usage meter data, reliably and accurately.

Features + Benefits

The Itron ChoiceConnect Fixed Network 100 automates meter data collection using wireless communications to collect granular meter data and can leverage existing utility and public communications infrastructure for backhaul communications. Two-way communications to the meter and time synchronized interval data collection provide advanced data collection capabilities for increases in operational efficiencies, enhanced levels of customer service and improvements in system integrity.

Itron electricity, water and gas radio-based endpoints transmit consumption, interval usage and meter tamper data at regular intervals to a network of collectors, which backhaul the meter data to the Fixed Network collection engine. Repeaters can be used to extend the range of collectors or fill holes in endpoint to collector coverage, further enabling the cost effectiveness of the network. The collection engine processes, manages and distributes the meter data to billing systems, direct customer access programs and advanced analysis applications.

With the ability to collect hourly interval meter data, Fixed Network 100 is the ideal solution for utilities that require advanced meter data collection. Real time bill reconciliation, customer engagement, system integrity, off-cycle reads, peak load management, outage detection, accurate forecasting and reliable distribution design and optimization are all possible when you collect and store interval data.

The Itron Fixed Network allows utilities to choose from a number of existing public communications platforms such as GPRS (general packet radio service) networks, Ethernet, and PSTN (public switched telephone networks) to gather energy meter data. Fixed Network is very scalable to grow with a utility’s needs. With its reliance on existing infrastructure for backhaul communications and low-cost neighborhood repeaters to limit the number of required concentrators, Fixed Network is one of the lowest cost networks available.

When you deploy Fixed Network for advanced data collection, you can:

  • Reconcile bill inquiries in real time with customer usage profiles and on-demand reads
  • Eliminate truck rolls for scheduled and off-cycle meter reading
  • Empower customers with access to consumption information via in-home displays or web presentment
  • Gather low-cost advanced meter reads (time-of-use, load profile, demand reads)
  • Manage energy and water resource conservation programs more effectively
  • Meet Performance-based Rate (PBR) criteria by improving outage detection and restoration
  • Identify energy theft and revenue loss due to meter tamper
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating intrusive meter reading visits and providing more accurate and up-to-date billing data
  • Improve employee and customer safety
  • Improve load forecasting
  • Provide accurate energy balancing and settlements transactions
  • Improve distribution system planning and asset management by providing accurate usage data to distribution system stakeholders.

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