Lyall Commercial Diaphragm Meter Sets

The Cost-effective Solution Compared to Manual or Field Assembled Options

Lyall’s Commercial Meter Set Assemblies (MSA’s) are ready to install, saving you time and labor costs.


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Key Features

  • Minimal Leak Points – Lyall Commercial MSA’s gas meter applications are designed to have the fewest number of threaded fittings possible, which means there are fewer points where a leak could occur thereby minimizing stray methane emissions.
  • Integral Bypass – Commercial customers prefer Lyall MSA’s with integral bypass, because it means there’s no service interruption when the gas company comes to call. This feature is a key selling point for your restaurant industry clients.
  • Lasting Quality – Lyall’s Commercial MSA’s are coated with zinc and/or polyester corrosion-resistant finishes.

Key Specifications

  • Inlet/Outlet Configurable Options Include: Unions, Ball Valves, Nipples, 1” FPT Vent-stack Ports and ¼” Taps

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