Lyall PVC to PE Transition Fittings

Lyall PVC to PE Transitions are designed to be used in the repair of existing PVC gas piping systems.  The connection on the PVC side of the fitting utilizes a solvent cement procedure while the PE side can be joined by butt fusion, electro fusion or mechanical fitting.  The assembly PE pup lengths allow use of squeeze-off tools to facilitate easy repair of PVC systems in the field.

Design and Construction

  • This factory assembled Transition Fitting provides a qualified joint between a PVC socket fitting and MDPE or HDPE piping meeting the requirements of ASTM D2466 and D2513.
  • The PE pipe is pressed into the PVC socket fitting and held in place utilizing a steel retainer ring.
  • The PVC socket fitting is made from Polyvinyl Chloride as classified in ASTM D1784 as Type I Grade I with cell classification of 12454.  The PVC is PVC0111 per ASTM D6263.

Lyall Quality

  • Lyall is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facility that employs a robust quality control system.
  • All fittings have been tested to meet the requirements of Category I mechanical joint as defined is ASTM D2513-1999 6.10.1
  • Additional testing includes Thermal Cycle (-20° F – 140° F), Quick Burst to ASTM D1599 and Sustained Pressure to ASTM D1598.

PVC to PE Transition Fittings Products

PVC to PE Transition Fittings


PVC Size PE Size Pup Length
1/2 IPS 1/2 CTS 18″
3/4 IPS 1/2 CTS 18″
3/4 IPS 3/4 CTS 18″ or 24″
3/8 IPS 1 CTS 24″
1/2 IPS 1 CTS 24″
3/4 IPS 1 CTS 24″
1 IPS 1 CTS 24″
1 IPS 1 IPS 18″
1-1/4 IPS 1-1/4 CTS 12″, 18″ or 22″
2 IPS 2 IPS 12″, 18″ or 22″






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