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Residential Meter Sets

Lower Your Field Installation Costs While Improving Quality and Safety

Lyall’s Residential Meter Set Assemblies (MSA’s), including prefabricated cast components and/or LYCO® all-welded pre-bent meter bars, elbows and loops, are built to your specifications, factory-tested and delivered to you ready for fast and easy installation. LYCOSAVER® Bypass Valves and LYCO® A9 Valves reduce leaks and reduce service calls during MSA installations.

Key Features

  • Custom Options – Lyall will pre-assemble meter bars according to your company’s specific swivel sizes and unions. Plus, LYCO® Meter Bars can be pre-assembled with your specified regulators and LYCO® polyester fusion-coated extension nipples.
  • Ease of Installation – Fewer components reduce field inventory, while fewer threaded joints make for a quicker install with minimal field assembly, prep and torque.
  • Valve Options For Improved Service and Safety – Residential Meter Sets featuring LYCOSAVER® bypass valves reduce the costs of future retrofitting while allowing for uninterrupted service during repairs or change-outs. LYCO® A9 Valves feature a one-piece, no-leak design perfect for retrofits. The positive open/close outlet valve reduces liability while the bypass port means service crews no longer have to access customers’ homes to relight appliances.

Key Specifications

  • Standard Steel Sizes: ¾”, 1” and 1-1/4” IPS
  • Attached Meter Swivels: Sprague 1A, 10LT, 20LT, and 30LT
  • Optional LYCO® Meter Stops: ¾” FPT
  • Steel Meets or Exceeds ASTM A53 Sch 40 or 80 (if specified), ASTM A513, ASTM A108, ASTM A36 and ASTM 500
  • Welding Meets or Exceeds API 1104
  • All LYCO® Meter Bars, Elbows and Loops are 100% Leak-Tested at 100 PSIG
  • Protective Coating Systems are Weather- and UV-resistant (For more information, please visit Lyall’s protective coatings page).

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