LYCO Anodeless Risers

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The Innovation That Started It All

The LYCO® Anodeless Riser is Lyall’s flagship product with more than 15 million installed since its 1973 debut. As the first anodeless riser on the market to utilize a ground-level transition between PE pipe and the steel pipe of the riser outlet, the LYCO® Anodeless Riser eliminates the need for cathodic protection for below-ground, gas-carrying steel pipe.

Custom Is Our Custom

  • Over 1,000 customer-specified product configurations

Key Features

  • Safe – The LYCO® transition fitting provides a PE to steel joint that is stronger than the PE pipe itself, while providing a 100% pressure-tested, leak-proof seal.
  • Cost-effective – Quality and volume are coupled with a simple, yet effective, design to deliver a product that begins with lower component costs and requires virtually zero field repair.
  • Reliable – Electrostatically applied epoxy coating on the riser casing provides long-term protection from corrosion, while the watertight, below-ground seal guards against moisture. Riser heads are coated with a protective urethane-based, corrosion-resistant primer.

Key Specifications

  • Meets D.O.T. 192.281, 192.283, 192.375 and ASTM D-2513-90c CAT-1 Requirements
  • Meets or exceeds NFPA-58-1992
  • Listed with IAPMO/UPC and CSA
  • Pipe threads conform to ANSI B1.20.1
  • Gas-carrying steel parts meet or exceed ASTM A53
  • Casing materials meet or exceed ASTM A53 or ASTM A513
  • PE pipe and tubing components conform to ASTM D2513
  • Flanges meet ASME/ANSI B16.5 or MSS SP-44 standards
  • Cathodic disbanding of electrostatically applied epoxy coating evaluated in accordance with ASTM G8-90
  • Effects of salt spray (fog) on electrostatically applied epoxy coating evaluated in accordance with ASTM B117-85


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