LYCOFAST Complete Service Line Kits

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LYCOFAST® Complete Service Line Kits

LYCOFAST® is a pre-assembled, pre-packaged main-to-meter service line system designed to save your company the high costs associated with material management, transportation, and warehousing with the added benefit of faster and more economical service line installation.  LYCOFAST® consolidates as many as 18 part numbers per service line installation into ONE unique part number with the following benefits:

  • Fewer contracts and supplier negotiations
  • Reduced inventory and maintenance
  • More efficient handling and storage
  • Reduced transporation costs
  • Fewer parts on crew  trucks
  • Reduced labor in the field with one joint installation

LYCOFAST® is customized to fit the customer’s specific needs and may include:

  • LYCO® Anodeless Service Riser with long PE pigtail
  • Pre-fabricated Meter Set Assembly, including any specified regulator
  • Factory installed shut-off valves
  • Factory attached tracer wires
  • LYCOFIT® Mechanical Tapping Tees
  • LYCO® Excess Flow Valves

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