Funding Meter Automation and Other Infrastructure Projects

Water meter automation can save municipalities, utilities and water districts significantly in the long run – but finding funding for the conversion isn’t always easy.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply can help. More than a supplier, we can provide complete turnkey solutions for meter automation, waterworks or natural gas distribution infrastructure. Part of providing a comprehensive turnkey solution is guiding our clients toward reliable funding sources for their projects.Funding Meter Automation

While Mountain States Pipe & Supply does not finance projects, we do have good relationships with the major lending institutions specializing in infrastructure improvements in the states where we work.

The MSPS team is also vigilant about staying up-to-date on all government incentives and programs designed to make it easier for local governments and utilities to make capital improvements to infrastructure. We are familiar with the various government enterprises that offer grants and low-interest financing for infrastructure projects and can help you identify every viable funding source available to you.

You can come to MSPS for information or help at any stage of your planning process. We can help you understand what kind of project you will want to propose to lending institutions and grant programs even before you issue a request for proposals.

One thing lenders, especially those working in public infrastructure, want to know you have in your project is stability. Especially if you’re considering a project that will require ongoing maintenance and service contracts, you will want to work with a company that you and your lender believe will be in business 20 years from now.

MSPS has a long history of providing waterworks and natural gas products and services to municipalities and utilities in the Intermountain West, reaching back to 1955. Our history, reputation and lasting relationships will make your infrastructure projects all the more bankable when we partner to seek financing.

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