AccuLinx Encoder Register

AccuLinx High Resolution Encoder Register

AccuLinx High Resolution Encoder RegisterMaster Meter’s AccuLinx brings you the latest in absolute positional encoding technology with flexible configurations designed to fit virtually any water meter application — and any AMR/AMI read system. For pit set, indoor, or difficult-to-read meter locations, AccuLinx delivers unconditional remote read accuracy and high-resolution data reporting for advanced usage profiling.

Our proprietary absolute encoder module precisely records the exact position of all 8 odometer wheels at the time of remote read. A unique, contactless encoder design eliminates unnecessary mechanical friction for smooth, low-power operation and long-life performance. AccuLinx gives utilities the freedom to choose Master Meter measurement technology for integration into third-party AMR systems using the widely-accepted Sensus® protocol.

AccuLinx is available in a direct connect, battery-free 3-wire configuration — ready to fit in existing competitive AMR systems.

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