Real Time Data Immediacy

The MasterLinx Vehicle Reading System is a portable AMR system that’s self contained in a small lightweight portable case and is used to capture meter RF transmissions for reporting and input into a billing system. The captured information is presented and made available for the utility operator in real time while in the field.

Real Time Leak Notification and Route Mapping

Masterlinx Mobile software provides GIS mapping data for your area and supports a GPS receiver controlling the map display. Live color coded markers appear on the screen and indicate read meters, unread meters, any reading problems or alarms such as Leak, Tamper, Theft and Irregular Usage.

Simple Integration

The GPS receiver and software can also be used to plot meter locations on the reading system map. We will work with your billing software company to create an interface for importing the readings as part of the pre-sale planning for your new AMR system.

Master Meter’s DIALOG 3G engine is an innovative AMR technology offering several unique, patented advantages — saving utilities time and expense in their meter reading operations. The DIALOG 3G Drive-By System is the solution for specific problems facing water utility and sub-metering customers. A unique miniature transmitter receiver utilizes the most recent technology to provide the meter reader with reliable, accurate readings as well as automatic detection of tampering, leaks, and backflow situations.

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