Automatic Meter Reading

Water, Electric & Gas

Automatic Meter ReadingMountain States Pipe & Supply/US Metering and Technology  is a leader in automating modern meter infrastructure. We provide AMR and AMI solutions for water, electric and gas utilities and have increasingly helped to create cost savings for clients by offering even greater automation services.

MSPS can help clients achieve significant cost saving by upgrading to walk-by, drive-by and even fixed-network fully automated meter systems.

Ultimate Automation and Monitoring

MSPS has partnered with Itron and Aclara to provide fully-automated meter options for utilities. The systems can provide near real-time data down to the hour, which will allow utilities to spot and manage overuse and leakage. Utility customers can even monitor and manage their own electric, gas or water use; likely resulting in reduced waste.

Because no one has to physically check the meters or even be near them to take readings, utilities can save on transportation and labor expenses.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply can also provide additional monitoring services utilizing Itron and Aclara products.

Talk with one of our experienced and knowledgeable MSPS staff members about meter automation options, costs and implementation.

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