Replacing Aging Water Meters

Many cities and utility companies are dealing with 20-plus-year-old water meters. They’re beginning to fail.

Historically, cities and water districts would slowly change out all the meters in their jurisdictions, maybe tackling 5 to 15 percent of the total each year over several years.Gota de agua

That method worked well for decades. But meters never changed much – until now. They always required someone who was paid a salary or wage to drive around the community, walk into people’s yards and write down the figures on the meters.

It’s always been the best the industry could do, so cities, utilities and water districts have accepted calculating errors, unexplained water loss and the high overhead associated with sending fleets of meter readers out every month.

Meters have changed dramatically in recent years. New models are more than meters – they’re systems. Modern automated meters allow drive-by digital readings or even fixed-network fully automated meter reading and near-real-time data collection down to the hour.

 Meter automation projects have been shown to save cities and utilities millions on water leakage and loss as well as the expense of meter reader labor, vehicles and fuel.

 In addition to saving the utility money, meter automation is a green solution that prevents needless waste of a valuable natural resource.

Meter automation has evolved in recent years. The platforms today are stable and adaptable to changing times and improving technology. They provide a modern-day solution to modern-day issues.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply, together with partner US Metering and Technology, has become a national leader in meter automation. We provide the highest quality hardware and software through Itron or Aclara an offer long-term comprehensive service and monitoring.

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