Water Meter Leak Dectector

MLOG Leak Detection

Water Meter Leak Detector


The Leak Sensor is an advanced approach to distribution system leak detection. Part of Itron’s advanced metering solution, for Water SaveSource and ChoiceConnect Fixed Network 100, the sensor is the result of merging the water meter module with an acoustic sensor to create a single point for collecting meter data and monitoring for distribution system leaks. 

Features + Benefits

It is estimated that up to 30 percent of water pumped through distribution systems is lost to leaks.  In today’s economic environment, identifying and mitigating water loss represents the single greatest supply-side opportunity for water providers to maximize recovery of lost water, reduce associated pumping and treatment costs and improve operational efficiency.

Smart Pipeline

State-of-the-art Itron acoustic leak sensing represents a true breakthrough in supply-side preservation solutions for the water industry.  By actually “listening” to the distribution system, an innovative combination of acoustic sensor hardware and advanced data analysis software helps to solve the problem of real loss between the treatment plant and the consumer, reducing the production of non-revenue water, optimize repair and remediation efforts.

100W Endpoint with Leak Sensor

The 100W is the new ChoiceConnect™ water endpoint that offers advanced capabilities such as full two-way communications to the meter and time synchronized interval meter data. With the 100W, water providers can enhance customer engagement, transform business operations and effectively manage water resources. Water providers can read the 100W with the ChoiceConnect™ Fixed Network 100 data collection system or via a mobile system that may already be in place. The ChoiceConnect™ 100 system provides utilities with the flexibility of hybrid deployments or system migration to a fixed network data collection depending on what best fits the utilities business needs.

The endpoint stores 40 days of hourly reads to ensure data integrity and offers advanced customer-side leak, reverse-flow and tamper alarms, all while maintaining Itron’s 20 year battery performance. The high power output of the 100W provides high read performance for both mobile and network data collection. Multiple mounting options offer greater deployment flexibility and help lower installation costs.

Leak Sensor is equipped with a vibration sensor, amplifier, and processor. It captures an acoustic sample every 22.5 minutes or 64 recordings per day. It stores the 8 quietest readings per day for 20 days. Once the data is retrieved in a mobile or fixed network application the leak data is automatically transferred to mlogonline for analysis.

It measures 1.2 x 1.5 (diameter) inches and weighs only 1.5 ounces. One U-bolt, back plate and two fasteners mount the leak detection device directly to the exterior of a service pipe. Leak Sensor is connected to a dual input 100W Endpoint via a 3-conductor cable, in-line connector and is completely waterproof.

In a mobile collection environment, the Leak Sensor data is collected by a mobile collection unit – the Mobile Collector Lite (MCLite) using Itron’s Multi Vendor Reading Software (MV-RS) data collection software.

MCLite is an innovative combination of mobile and handheld Automated Meter Reading (AMR) tools that can handle mixed drive-by and walk-by routes for the ultimate in operational flexibility. Itron’s rugged, industry-leading FC300 handheld computer is the key to Mobile Collector Lite’s flexibility. With the MCLite the meter reader can remove the FC300 from the in-vehicle dock to collect reads if desired. A route management feature allows the end user to set up their system in route order making the reading process more efficient.

MV-RS is an affordable PC-based meter reading software solution that improves operations today while providing a clear migration path to advanced meter applications in the future. This simple yet powerful tool automates the meter reading process without requiring extensive, costly IT support. MV-RS is designed for utilities of all sizes and can be quickly installed, trained and implemented with a minimum of resources. MV-RS fully supports the collection of the leak sensor data for export to the mlogonline software. For this solution, MV-RS will be used in this manner and can also be available for automated meter reading in the future, if desired.

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