Why Mobile Home Parks Should Consider Updating Water Infrastructure Now

News stories about mobile home parks facing troubles and even legal issues because of aging water infrastructure are becoming increasingly common as manufactured home communities get older and older.save-money-reduction-of-lead-drinking-water-resized-600

Since so many of the nation’s 140,000 mobile home parks were built in a hurry, never intended to be permanent structures, at least 30 years ago, it’s no wonder the parks are starting to face water issues now. But some of those problems, if left unattended, can become investment killers for park owners and major health risks for the people who call them home.

Act now

While updating water infrastructure is probably a necessity for a lot of mobile home park owners, there’s more than one reason to do it in 2013. Park owners can avoid serious legal issues with local governments and their tenant communities by making the investment. But they can also save significantly if they install new service brass before 2014.

New legislation

Congress signed The Reduction of Lead In Drinking Water Act into law in 2010. It goes into effect Jan. 4, 2014 and reduces the maximum allowable amount of lead in the wetted surfaces of service brass products from 8 percent to 0.25 percent. The law prohibits the installation of standard service brass after the start of 2014.

Cost advantage to replacing service brass in 2013

It’s estimated that the new low-lead brass product will cost about 40 percent more than traditional brass pipe fittings and meters. Most American service brass manufacturers have already halted their production of traditional service brass.

But mobile home park owners can still find standard service brass products with suppliers like Mountain States Pipe and Supply. We are even offering product at an additional discount in order to reduce our supply before the new regulation goes into effect in 2014.

That means mobile home park owners could realize dramatic savings if they invest in updating their water infrastructure in 2013 rather than putting off the inevitable expense until a later date.

Contact MSPS if you have questions about Public Law

Our staff knows the law and can explain it and the options mobile home park owners have.

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