MSPS Is A Proud Certified Women’s Business Enterprise

Majority owner of Mountain States Pipe and Supply, Betsy Carroll, doesn’t think of her company as a woman-owned business.

Certified Womens Business Enterprise“It’s a family company,” she said. “It’s important to me that it does well because it’s been in my life forever.”

MSPS was part of Betsy’s life while growing up. As an adult, she made her career in the company she helped her family build.

Woman-Owned Business
MSPS was recently recognized as an official woman-owned business, a designation that will give the pipe and meter supply, installation and management company an advantage when bidding on government and some private contracts.

Betsy said MSPS decided to apply for the designation because she has seen it as a consideration on more and more of the applications and bids for new work they have filed. Since MSPS, as a woman-owned company, is something of a rarity in the industrial pipe and automated meter industry, the designation could give the company an edge.

MSPS History
Betsy’s parents, David and Janet Wilcox, took over the pipe and plumbing company from Robert and Elnora Sonneborn nearly 40 years ago. They sold the plumbing operation and grew the industrial pipe supply, installation and management business.

When Betsy’s father David died, her mother took over the company and ran it as the president with Betsy’s husband, Paul Carroll, at her side. When Janet decided to retire more than 10 years ago, Betsy took over as majority owner and president.

The company has evolved over the years. While still offering industrial pipe supply and installation, automated meters have become a growing part of the business.

“It’s an interesting industry,” Betsy said. And the automated meters have given utilities and cities a lot of advantages, saving them money and hassle while helping them go green. It’s an exciting time for MSPS, Betsy said. “I’m not down in the trenches,” she said.

She’s never installed industrial pipe, set up automated meters or made sales pitches. When she took the helm, Betsy had already been working in accounting at MSPS for more than a decade. She has spent the majority of her adult life – along with a large portion of her childhood – at the business.

She manages the business operations of the company, keeping track of accounting and human resources issues.

“I’m more in the heart of the business,” she said. “I just really like to take care of our people – the people who have worked for us for years.”

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