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Mueller H17055 Service Line Stopper Fitting

Mueller H17055 Service Line Stopper FittingMueller offers a full line of ¾” thru 2-1/2” line stopper fitting with pressure ratings from 125 PSIG to 1440 psig. The styles of fittings include standard split fittings, bottom out fittings, mechanical joint, insulated mechanical joint, extension stopper fittings and dead end extension stopper fittings. All these fitting are designed for use with Mueller tools and machines and use the proven Mueller NO-BLO method to make safe installations and stop offs under pressure with no blowing of gas.

Technical Brief | Two Piece Stopper Video

Large Diameter Side Out Fittings 3″ – 12″

Large Diameter Side Out FittingsThe Mueller Side-Out Fitting offers an economical way to overcome obstacles in by-pass operations such as shallow bedrock beneath the line or interference from other utilities. Together with our bottom-out fittings, it allows new flexibility in line placement. The fitting is compatible with existing Mueller No-Blo Line Stopping System components and lets you maintain the safety and integrity that has made our system the industry standard for decades.

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Large Diameter Bottom Out Fittings

Large Diameter Bottom Out FittingsA new bottom-out stopper is available from Mueller that will simplify repairs on existing by-pass lines where bottom-out fittings have been installed. It reliably stops the flow of natural gas by plugging the bottom opening with a dual-action mechanical stopper with a rubber seat. This eliminates the need to create new stops in the line, saving time and money.

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Large Diameter Spherical Fittings

Large Diameter Spherical FittingsThe Mueller No-Blo System is now compatible with the spherical style of stopper fitting. It’s possible to connect to either side or the bottom of a line using a Mueller Spherical Line Stopper Fitting by simply changing how the halves of the fitting are welded in place. Most important, the fitting uses standard Mueller No-Blo Stopper Equipment – the industry standard for safety and reliability.

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Mueller H17190 Low Pressure Line Stopper Fitting

Mueller H17190 Low Pressure Line Stopper FittingThe Mueller Low Pressure Line Stopper Fittings offer a fast and economical way to make stop offs, bypass stop offs and lateral extensions on steel pipe up to 4” nominal size.

Technical Brief | H17190 Animation Video | H17190 Operating Manual

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