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Mueller Gas Products DivsionSince 1857, the Mueller name has been associated with superior quality flow control products. Many of our innovative products have become industry standards, including the Mueller® NO-BLO® System for working on natural gas mains and service lines.

Mueller Co. is one of the oldest and most trusted suppliers in North America of flow control products used on metallic natural gas distribution lines, and is establishing its name for working on HDPE plastic mains, as well. The product line includes:

  • The NO-BLO® System of Mueller-made fittings, machines, tools and field proven methods designed as a unified system for the utmost safety and reliability for main and service line applications.
  • Line stoppers that lock in place and are not affected by internal pipeline conditions – from ¾” to 12″, pressures to 1440 psig (9928 kPa).
  • Side-out, bottom-out and spherical line stopper fittings.
  • One-piece line stoppers for lower pressures – from ¾” to 4″.
  • Magic Box® Polyethylene Insertion Machine for uninterrupted gas flow while replacing pipe and components on HDPE to 4″ with just one small excavation.
  • Gas meter valves in lubricated ground key to 2″ and ball style to 1″.
  • NO-BLO Meter Valve Changers for valve change-outs under pressure – a Mueller exclusive.
  • Gas meter bars in hundreds of styles, including complete bars and manifolds, for virtually any meter installation.
  • Meter swivels, insulated unions, meter nuts.
  • Service tees, including styles with integral shut-off valve, self-perforators, and excess flow valves, for use on metallic mains and metallic or plastic services to 2″ – some styles to 4″.
  • Transition fittings for steel to metallic or plastic lines.
  • Excess flow valves.
  • Stainless steel pipe repair clamps.
  • Service saddles in ductile iron.
  • Drilling machines – many types, high and low pressure, large and small sizes, manual or power operation.
  • Stopping and completion machines for all types and ranges of NO-BLO Line Stopper Fittings.
  • Cast iron tapping machines.
  • Keyhole drilling and stopping system for performing line stops, service tee shut offs and third party camera inspections through an 18″ keyhole.

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