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Mueller Autoperf Tee

Mueller Autoperf TeeMueller AUTOPERF Tees provide a fast economical w to make a main to service connection. These products have a self-contained, one piece, hardened perforator that is used to cut a hole in the main to initiate service. This eliminates the need for drilling machines and control valves. The perforator retains the pipe coupon and also functions as a shut-off. Installation is fast and simple using proven Mueller NO-BLO Methods and tools. Mueller AUTOPERF Tees are available with several popular inlet/outlet combinations.

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H17500 No Blo Service Tees

H17500 No Blo Service TeesMueller NO-BLO Service Tees are used to make main to service connections. These tees are available in a wide range of sizes and inlet and outlet combinations.

Technical Brief | H17500 Training Video

H17650 No Blo Service Valve Tee

H17650 No Blo Service Valve TeeMueller NO-BLO Service Stop Tees are used to make a main to service connection. These tees have a mechanism that can be used to shut off the flow of gas in the service line. The mechanism makes a metal-to-metal seat in both the fully open and fully closed position to assure positive sealing. This mechanism has differential threads which develop powerful seating forces. An O-ring seal is provided between the stem and bushing for tees with maximum working pressures over 250 psig. These tees are available with weld or external (M.I.P.) thread inlets. Outlets include weld, external (M.I.P.) thread, internal (F.I.P.) thread and several styles of compression connections.

Technical Brief | H17650 Training Video

H17800 Curb Valve Tee

H17800 Curb Valve TeeMueller Curb Stop Tees are used to make main to service connections and also offer a means to control service line flow at the main. Mueller Curb Stop Tees can be used with curb boxes to provide a means to access the buried tee from above ground and also have a large operating head that is drilled to accept the attachment of a shut-off rod. These curb stop tees have accurately machined forged steel bodies and completion caps, one piece stainless steel stem, ductile iron operating nut, and O-ring sealed stem and completion cap.

Technical Brief | H17800 Training Video

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