Mueller Valve Changer Tools

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Mueller Valve Changer Tools

Normally, the gas meter valve provides the primary shut-off point on the gas service line. If this valve needs to be replaced for any reason, there is often no other convenient shut-off point upstream of the valve. The Mueller NO-BLO Valve Changer provides a safe, effective and easy to use means for stopping gas flow upstream of the meter valve allowing the valve to be replaced. It also allows the MIP threads on the riser to be refurbished, if necessary. The Mueller valve changer – a Mueller NO-BLO System exclusive – which includes plugging units and safety clamps, can be used on most straightway and round-way meter valves in sizes ranging from ½” through 2” if the valve has an FIOP outlet and the port thru the valve will permit the passage of the valve changer’s plugging unit.

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