MSPS works together with municipalities to meet product and service needs and to find comprehensive solutions to meters, meter automation, and natural gas and electric distribution issues.

Natural Gas Infrastructure

Thanks to a long and stable relationship with some of the industry’s best brands, MSPS carries a wide range of natural gas distribution products that ship quickly at prices that are hard to beat.


For municipalities that manage their own water departments or full utilities, MSPS offers a wide selection of water and natural gas meters. While our team has been supplying cities and towns with meters for 55 years, we have also come to be known for the services that complement our superior product lines.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply provides meter reading, testing, audits and maintenance for municipalities throughout the country.

Meter Automation

MSPS has become a national leader in meter automation. We can help your city develop a comprehensive plan to transition to smart meters.

Our meter automation services provide solutions for cities and towns that wish to increase water or gas efficiency. Meter automation also enables nearly real-time monitoring to help detect waste from leaks or over usage.

Our partnerships with US Metering and Technology, Itron and Aclara have enabled MSPS to provide a superior level of service to municipalities transitioning to automated or semi-automated meters.

Our municipal clients

MSPS understands the delicate relationship cities have with their utility customers and voters. We know you want to be good stewards of municipal funds and MSPS strives to find the best possible solution for every individual client at the best possible value for dollar. We know the industry, trends and regulations and we have a vast, nearly endless menu of products and custom services we can provide to meet your city’s specific needs.

Some previous municipal clients include:

  • City of Phoenix, Ariz.
  • City of Louisville, Colo.
  • Town of Buckeye, Ariz.
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • City of Wichita, Kansas

Contact MSPS to find out how our team can help your city find solutions.

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