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Mountain States Pipe and Supply has been providing meter reading system implementations since 1987. With over 100 Itron customers installed and supported, MSPS is a leader in AMR solutions in the western United States. MSPS has also provided a number of submetering solutions utilizing Itron and Aclara Networks all across the United States.

Global Water Resources

USM&T has provided AMR installation services to Global Water Resources. The installation services includes the supply and installation of all meters/endpoints for all new development in Maricopa, repair of damaged meters/endpoints, troubleshooting of AMR equipment and endpoints, and other AMR meter specialty services relating to the utility’s Fixed Network AMR implementation. USM&T also continually maintains an installation database that tracks all customer, meter, module, and Fixed Network meter readings. The database also tracks all labor and materials provided to Global Water through our services.

City of Phoenix, AZ

MSPS is the General Contractor providing an AMR system implementation project to the City of Phoenix. The installation project includes the meter reading system software, hardware, installation & training on the reading system, register retro-fits to existing AMR compatible meters, and change-out of older non-AMR compatible residential and commercial water meters in the utility water system. MSPS has a sub-contractor for this project that is providing 80% of the installations. MSPS is currently maintaining an installation database for this project that tracks all meter/module installation data.

Cucamonga Valley Water District

USM&T is the Meter Installation Contractor providing meter changeouts relating to a 5 year plan to convert the District’s meters to a Fixed Network meter reading system. The installation project includes the meters, fixed network modules, meter installations, GPS (sub-meter accuracy) collection, and “clean-out” of meter boxes. USM&T built a work order management system specifically for this project that would allow the following functions: file import from CIS, work order generation, data entry of completed work, audit reports of installation data, and FTP file transfer of completed work back to hosted system.

City of Louisville, Colorado

6,500 Water Meter and Itron AMR Solution with Installation Services provided in 2010.

Town of Buckeye, AZ

USM&T provided a turnkey AMR system to the Town of Buckeye using Itron MV-RS meter reading software with the Mobile Collector 2.0. The installation project had a six month time line. The project start date was October 20, 2005, and completion date of March, 2006. The turnkey installation project included the meter reading system software, hardware, installation & training on the reading system, splice kit retrofits to existing Sensus AMR compatible meters, and change-out of older non-AMR compatible residential and commercial water meters in the utility water system. The meter installation crew averaged between 30-215 residential meter installations daily.

Colorado Springs Utilities (Landis and Gyr/CellNet+Hunt Technologies)

USM&T proved Gas, Water and Electric AMR installations and meter change outs for Colorado Springs Utilities under a contract with Cellnet Technologies. The installation project includes 60,000 inside water meter and/or module installations plus 120,000 gas meter and/or module installations and over 150,000 electric meter installations spread over a 3 year time frame. Since the vast majority of the Utility’s water meters are located inside the customer’s homes, MSPS provided a customer call center for scheduling all appointments needed for the water module installations.

City of Casper, Wyoming

MSPS provided module installations to the City of Casper for existing AMR compatible meters and meters/module installations for older non-AMR compatible meters. Since most of the City’s meters are located inside the customer’s homes, MSPS had to schedule appointments for all in-door installations. MSPS created and utilized a project database that allowed the following functions: import of data from CIS, scheduling appointments, assigning appointments to installers, printing assigned work orders, data entry of completed work, audit reporting, and file export back to the City’s billing system.

Kinder Morgan, Inc.

MSPS provided gas module installations for Kinder Morgan in both their Casper and Lander Regions. Both Regions fell within a 20 week timelines. We finished all installations ahead of schedule by one week. Combined, we averaged over 2,000 installs per week.

City of Wichita, Kansas

MSPS provided water meter and module installations for the City of Wichita Water Department. The scope of this project included the change-out of 1” meters with modules, and the change-out of every existing lid with retro-fit AMR lids. The project timeline required more than 1,000 change-outs per month for each phase.

Denver Water Board (City and County of Denver)

MSPS provided the supply and installation of 200,000 Itron walk-by/drive-by modules. Installation ran from 2001- 2004

Pueblo Board of Water, Pueblo Colorado

MSPS provided complete Aclara-Hexagram supply and installation for 16,000 meter end points.

Cheyenne Light and Fuel (Black Hills Energy)

MSPS provided installation services for over 4,000 Itron Gas modules in Cheyenne, Wyoming, 2010

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