Create Greener Waterworks and Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructures

Cities, utilities and water districts are facing new challenges as the focus nationally turns toward building greener communities.create greener city infrastructure

Green and sustainable aren’t just buzzwords anymore. They have become expectations in every element of life, particularly in the construction of community assets that are meant to be long-lasting fixtures. Water and natural gas distribution infrastructure and meters are prime examples of community-owned capital investments that have to be green and sustainable these days.

Regulations have changed and the types of pipe fittings and fixtures installed today are different from what was allowed in the past. But there is also an expectation that the community infrastructure will help people and businesses conserve valuable natural resources as well as financial resources.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply has always provided the highest quality and most efficient products from the world’s best manufacturers. While we continue to supply superior products that help communities meet their sustainability goals, MSPS goes beyond selling the right tools to help cities succeed.

MSPS has become a leader in meter automation, supplying the equipment and software that water districts and utilities need in order to collect meter data without sending fleets of readers out in vehicles. Our meter automation technology can provide near real-time data down to the hour that will alert the utility and the customer when there is a leak or water loss issue.

MSPS, with partners Itron and Aclara, can also provide long-term maintenance, warranty and data monitoring contracts to its city, utility and water district customers. Using smarter new technology to track meter data gives cities a plausible path toward becoming greener and more sustainable by enabling staff to stop leaks and water loss before they get worse and empower home and business owners to adjust their water habits when they see their use patterns.

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