Rotary Gas Meters

5.5M CTR
Elster American Meter’s RPM series rotary meters provide accurate measurement and outstanding long-term performance for critical custody transfer applications. The positive displacement rotary design has a proven track record of long-term accuracy and reliability, thus, earning its position as a leading metering technology in the natural gas utility industry worldwide.



CTR – Uncorrected Mechanical Totalizer

Technical Brief

CRVP – CTR w/ Remove Volume Pulser (RVP)

Technical Brief

TCID – CMTC w/ Instrument Drive

Technical Brief

CID – CTR with Instrument Drive

Technical Brief

CMTC – Continuous Mechanical Temperature Compensator

Technical Brief

TRVP – CMTC w/ Remote Volume Pulser (RVP)

Technical Brief

RABO G16-250

RABORABO combines tried-and-tested product features of previous rotary gas meters from Elster-Instromet and is a convincing product because it offers a large range of future-oriented features. The device is suitable for measuring gases of the first, second and third families pursuant to EN 437:2009 and for measuring a range of technical gases.







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