Meter Automation Services

MSPS prides itself on its expert services and many partnerships with the finest suppliers and companies in the industry. These lasting partnerships allow MSPS to put the best meters into infrastructures, speed up data retrieval processes, and enhance data accuracy.

MSPS meter automation services include:

  • Meter Installation
  • Meter Reading
  • Meter Testing
  • Meter Systems Audits
  • Itron and Aclara Support Services

We work closely with all of our clients to understand issues, create solutions and implementation plans, and engage in ongoing analysis to keep our customers happy and on budget.

Meter Installation
Selecting proper meter materials and installing them correctly the first time is essential. MSPS will partner with you to:

  • Plan your materials check list
  • Train and supervise installation personnel
  • Monitor quality assurance protocol
  • Design and implement appropriate data transfer specifications
  • Enhance meter automation functionality and accuracy
  • Learn more …

Meter Reading
Once automated meters are installed and calibrated, meter readers need to be equipped with the proper mobile devices and right tools. MSPS project managers, leader supervisors and data analysts partner with clients to recruit, train and monitor local employees. With a robust quality control protocol, MSPS monitors data verification processes to ensure greater accuracy and reduced discrepancies. Learn more …

Meter Testing
Installed meters sometimes generate data discrepancies. MSPS will work with you to determine which meters or modules need to be checked, set up project plans and timelines, and provide documentation and follow up for meter testing against industry standards. MSPS will supervise the process, interpret the results and make recommendations moving forward. Learn more …

Meter Systems Audit
MSPS works closely with clients to determine which manufactured parts and processes should be audited to improve meter accuracy and reduce data discrepancies. Our team will help identify current and potential issues, and recommend and plan solutions. Learn more …

Itron and Aclara Support Services
MSPS is a long-time partner with Itron and Aclara, and a primary supplier of their materials to clients nationwide. MSPS will assist in determining the project scope and building your Itron or Aclara pick list. We will manage your supply chain and delivery schedule, and support the application of hardware, software implementation and updates. Learn more …

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