Water Meter Reading, Installation & Testing Services

Meter Installation

Meter installation has to be right the first time. Let MSPS partner with you to expertly plan your materials check list, train and supervise the installation personnel, and monitor quality assurance protocol. MSPS will also assess the design and implementation of appropriate data transfer specifications to enhance meter functionality and accuracy. Learn more …

Meter Testing

Meters can sometimes generate data discrepancies. MSPS will work with you to determine which meters or modules need to be checked, and develop a resulting project plan with timelines, documentation and follow-up for meter testing against industry standards.  Learn more …

Itron and Aclara Support Services

MSPS is a long time partner with Itron and Aclara, and a primary supplier of their materials nationwide. MSPS will work with you to determine the project scope and build Itron or Aclara pick lists. They will mange your supply chain and delivery schedule, and support application of hardware and software implementation and updates. Learn more …

Meter Reading

MSPS project managers, leader supervisors and data analysts will work with you to recruit, train and monitor local employees as high quality meter readers. With a robust quality control protocol, MSPS will monitor the data verification process to promote data accuracy and reduce data discrepancies. Learn more 


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