SM700 Fluidic Oscillator Water Meters

The SM700 fluidic oscillator water meters address the global need for economic intelligent metering technology for meter sizes of 5/8″ through 1″. With no-moving parts, the SM700 is not affected by the wear and subsequent accuracy problems that are caused by particulate matter, such as sand and grit, to prevent lost revenue and offer whole life meter accuracy. Even in applications where water quality is high, degradation in accuracy may still occur and the lost revenue would be protected by the sustained accuracy of the SM700.

SM700 features and benefits:
  • Uses no-moving parts technology providing sustained accuracy performance
  • Improved linearity of accuracy over mechanical meters
  • Clear LCD display and advanced encoded communication
  • High resolution measurement by volumetric unit
  • AMR/AMI ready using standard ASCII communication protocols
  • Battery life comparable to standard AMR/AMI endpoints
  • Removable battery allows for ease of recycling


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