Turbine Meters

The GTS/GTX Turbine meters are used for heavy-duty commercial/industrial applications. These meters measure gas volume via rotor blades. The rotor rotation rate is proportional to the gas flow. These meters are available in the GTS or GTX models


American GTX Series Turbine Meters

Turbine MetersAmerican GTX Series Turbine Meters are available in sizes ranging from 3″ – 12″. Inlet pressures up to 1480 psig. Operating temperature range is -40 degree to 140 F degree F. Maximum flow rates at 7″ Water Column pressure are: 3″ – 10,000 SCFH 4″ – 18,000 SCFH 6″ – 35,000 SCFH 8″ – 60,000 SCFH 12″ – 150,000 SCFH Maximum Allowable operating pressures (IMAOP) from 175 psig to 1480 psig

Technical Brief

GT to GTS Meter Conversion

Technical Brief | Installation Instructions

GTX/GTS Gas Turbine Meter

Technical Brief | Installation Instructions

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