Updating Waterworks and Natural Gas Infrastructures to Meet Greater Demands

Every year, more people move back into city centers. They’re coming from small towns and suburbs to live in re-emerging urban centers. It’s great for cities that have long wanted to revitalize their downtowns; but it is also straining aging infrastructure that likely hasn’t received a lot of attention in recent decades.Water and Gas Infrastructure Demands

Growing populations have caused cities, water districts and their partner utility companies to make major capital investments in waterworks and natural gas infrastructure. Developers working to rebuild or replace crumbling high-rises have watched their profit margins float away in relic water mains and rusty pipes.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply understands what’s involved. We have the experts, the products, the menu of services and the experience to guide you through even the toughest of underground renovations.

MSPS has been helping municipalities, utility companies and developers engineer innovative solutions to challenging waterworks and natural gas distribution issues since 1955, while constantly evolving with the times.

We can provide products or full-scale comprehensive turnkey packages complete with planning, products, installation and long-term service and maintenance contracts.

Contact MSPS for help updating aging waterworks and natural gas distribution infrastructure or meters.

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