Waterworks and Natural Gas Distribution Parts and Services

These are challenging and exciting times for utility companies. The rapidly evolving landscape of energy and water regulation, innovation and conservation will keep even the most up-to-date companies struggling to keep up. But with all of these changes and new regulations comes plenty of opportunity to get ahead of the curve and realize tremendous cost-savings and new revenue streams.

Mountain States Pipe & Supply has been a partner, helping municipal, co-op and investor-owned utilities advance and update their infrastructure and technology for decades.


Mountain States Pipe & Supply provides utilities with comprehensive natural gas and water services., including:

  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Audits
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Meter reading
  • System monitoring

Gas and Water Infrastructure

MSPS has long-established relationships with the best water and natural gas product manufacturers in the world. No matter what kind or quantity of pipe, fitting, meter or valve you need, MSPS probably has it in stock and ready to ship or can easily acquire it at the most competitive price possible.

Automated Meters

Smart meters have become buzzwords in energy and water news the last few years. But MSPS and its partner US Metering and Technology have been helping utility companies manage their water, natural gas and electric meters smartly for more than 20 years.

We have developed strong relationships with Itron and Aclara, which provide the best quality metering hardware and software, allowing MSPS to offer superior service that complements your new meter automation.

Together with our partners we can install walk-by, drive-by or fully automated fixed network meters that provide down-to-the-hour data and constant monitoring services to alert you in near real time of leaks or abnormal usage.

So-called smart meters help utilities save by preventing waste, especially in the form of non-revenue water loss. Meter updates often pay for themselves in short order by reducing labor and transportation costs for traditional meter readers.

Our Utility Clients

We have served numerous utility clients during our 55 years of business and know what unique challenges they face. We’re up to date on federal, state and local regulations and legislation, and tailor our supplies and services to individual utility company needs in the varying markets they service.

Among some of our recent utility clients, we count:

  • Global Water Resources
  • Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Cheyenne Light and Fuel with Black Hills Energy

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