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Water radio-based endpoints are attached to new or existing water meters to equip them for an advanced metering infrastructure or automated meter reading (AMR) system. Itron water endpoints are available for water meters from all leading meter manufacturers. For more information, view the Water Meter Compatibility List. 

Features + Benefits

100W – The 100W (pictured above) is the new ChoiceConnect™ water endpoint that offers advanced capabilities such as full two-way communications to the meter and time synchronized interval meter data.

The advanced 100W Endpoint allows water utilities to obtain large amounts of information that can be used in many ways across the enterprise – not only in customer service, but also engineering, distribution planning, conservation, field service, and executive management.

The Endpoint is designed to provide the advanced functionality desired by utilities combined with Itron’s proven product reliability and low total cost of ownership. With one endpoint, Water Utilities now have the flexibility to collect meter data both in a mobile or fixed network environment. This dual mode capability really sets apart ChoiceConnect™ from competing solutions. Additionally, they are compatible with water meters from all leading manufacturers.

The Endpoint stores 40 days of hourly reads to ensure data integrity and offers advanced customer-side leak detection and reverse-flow and tamper alarms, all while maintaining Itron’s 20 year battery performance. The high power output of the 100W provides high read performance for both mobile and network data collection. Multiple mounting options offer greater deployment flexibility and help lower installation costs.


60W Series – The 60W Endpoint for the water market is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, this compact endpoint provides superior automated meter reading performance even in harsh pit environments, and requires no field programming for easy, low-cost installation. Leak, reverse-flow and tamper detection, as well as a 20-year battery life help utilities reduce O&M expenses. This water endpoint works with Itron ChoiceConnect radio-based handheld and mobile collection systems.


Water SaveSource Endpoint – The Water SaveSource Endpoint is designed specifically for use with Itron’s Water SaveSource advanced metering solution. The endpoint provides water utilities with accurate and timely consumption reads along with data logging and leak detection capabilities. Data logging allows for hourly consumption information. Leak detection allows the utility to accurately assess in-home leaks for improved levels of customer service and reduced water losses.

When you deploy the ChoiceConnect 100W, you can:

  • Increase operational efficiencies and lower costs by remotely collecting off-cycle reads to reduce truck rolls
  • Improve customer satisfaction by accessing real-timer usage data for bill inquiries
  • Empower customers with usage information, enabling informed decisions about their consumption
  • Decrease water losses with proactive leak detection by utilizing Itron’s Leak Sensor technology
  • Improve the quality of your billing data with accurate and timely meter readings
  • Reduce theft and revenue loss due to meter tampers
  • Increase employee and customer safety
  • Effectively manage water conservation programs
  • Utilize the ChoiceConnect 100 Fixed Network collection system to help manage utility-wide business objectives


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