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As Americans become increasingly aware of environmental and conservation issues, curbing water usage and waste has surged to the top of priority lists in a lot of communities.

Reducing waste and modernizing water meter systems has also proven profitable for water districts.

Water MetersGreater environmental awareness and cost savings opportunities spurred by rapidly growing cities, prolonged droughts and major wildfires have created demands for a new, smarter ways to manage water use.

MSPS has the products and services to help your municipality, water utility, industrial operation or development group maintain and manage aging water meters, or update them to modern automated and semi-automated meters designed to reduce waste and provide overall cost savings.

MSPS provides meter reading services and maintenance as well as audits and regular meter testing to help you assess the performance of your existing fleet of water meters. Our experienced staff can also install new meters and provide monitoring services on certain modern meters that will alert you of any leaks and help you and your customers remotely monitor and manage water usage – reducing waste.

With Itron and Aclara brands, our team also provides ongoing monitoring services to support your staff.

We can supply nearly any style or brand of meter. Talk to our experts for information about project scope, cost and implementation.



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